About Us

SparqLite LLC is a business incubator that promotes ideas by employees and helps translate them into self-sustaining systems.

Founded by the technical architect of the International Glycan Repository, a bioinformatics data store for glycoscience-related (-omics, as in genomics or proteomics) researchers. This was published in the Oxford Academic Nucleic Acids Research. One main focus of the repository was utilizing RDF as a persistence layer as well as a publicly open datastore(triplestore). SPARQL is the W3C-standard query language for RDF and the unique spelling was incorporated as a namesake. Based on this open and standards-based technology, it is possible to create robust systems that a variety of different communities can utilize. More articles regarding this philosophy will be available on this app, installable by clicking on the + icon above in the browser url.


Nobuyuki Aoki

Self-given titles

  • Founder
  • Chief Systems Architect

Current Projects